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Deb Records for Dixie Cryptids. USA v UK Creature Accounts.

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I know many of Dixie’s listeners are from the UK also and as they can attest we have just as many Creature reports here as you do in your home state or county. I am often told that the only cryptid creatures in the world are in America, and America only, but in my many years of research that does not seem to be the case. From Japan to Ireland there are reports of strange Cryptid Creatures as far back as written logs go, all the way through to the 21st century. Our last reported sighting was in Aug this year 2019.

As this is the first time we have met I thought by choosing a selection of reports from the United States and showing you the same reports in my native land, I am hoping you will see a pattern in the description of the creatures being seen, the behaviour of them during the event and the fact that everyone of the people involved here is an ordinary person just like you or I, going about their daily business when they are suddenly confronted by something that is completely impossible.

In the United States and Canada you have a history and a knowledge of these creatures which in some sense gives you a better understanding of what that ‘Thing’ before your eye maybe? But here in the UK I think our largest two legged creature is man. We have no bears or Wolves to mistake these individuals and sometimes family groups with. As you will see if I read all of these reports without announcing the country you will find that they are very hard to tell apart. The reports come in weekly and no doubt will continue to do so.

The Fur Coated Man. Miller County 1969
On Hwy 71 North
We have thought a long time before writing this, because I’m getting on in years and the memory might not be on target anymore. I was a married man in 1969 with two strapping sons. Lonny was almost eleven years old, Seth had twelve years on him, big boys, old for their years. It was the Christmas Season and as I remember, it was cold and rainy that day that we all set out to go home from my mother’s house in Ida, Louisiana where we had spent those two weeks enjoying a family get together over the holidays.
My wife and I were in the pickup and the boys rode in the back, that was a treat back then, no laws about seat belts and such, so they rode in the bed of the truck under tarps and in sleeping bags, no room in the cab for them now that they had got so big. We chopped a half cord of wood that afternoon and left Ida about 8 or 9 at night headed north on hwy 71 to Texarkana where we farm, the boys went to school there. None of us remember exactly where we saw this thing only that we were driving along 71 north and there it was, walking on the side of the road going south.
The road isn’t that wide, I saw it a ways off in the distance of the high beams of the truck but I didn’t know what I was seeing. The closer we got, I started thinking “strange” and knocked on the window to the back of the truck to get the attention of my boys. My wife was asleep, but she woke up the more noise I made and sat up. Then she pounded on the rear window and the boys started yelling to slow down. About then my wife says it’s a man walking in a fur coat, (it was very cold that night) and in the midst of no place she thinks we should give this character a ride to town, it being Christmas & all.
It wasn’t long before we got close enough to realize this was no man in a fur coat and no way were we stopping to give whatever it was a ride. As we passed it, the man or thing stopped walking and just stood there, dumb-like, staring into the headlights. It couldn’t have been startled because we were coming up on it for quite a distance. It raised its arm up to shield the light from its eyes, (I had the brights on still) –the arm and hand were thick, hairy and muscular. The big underside or palm of the hand shown as a pinkish brown towards us in the light, and pretty much blocked details of the face. The boys stood up and peered over the cab of the truck & went silent; my mouth fell open. What was this? It had shaggy hair, all brown as I recollect, long over his face but seemed like a man’s face what I could make out of it with hair or whiskers, shorter hair on the body. It had hair on the legs but had caked mud from the knees down like it had been wading through swamp or bayous or something.
I remember it being quite tall, huge in the chest area and as we passed this thing, it screamed, yelled like it was in pain or maybe terror? A strange noise I’ve never heard before. My wife and I looked at one another and the boys screamed in fear and dove under the tarp. I remember thinking the rest of the drive home ‘what was that thing?’ We didn’t talk about it anymore that night, if we did I don’t remember what was said.
During milking the next day the boys did ask what that was we saw on the road last night, but I had no answer for them and the subject was dropped for the next ten years ’till one day my brother and his crew came to visit and they mentioned the Fouke Monster. I listened and asked him to describe what he had heard about the thing and then we told them what we saw in 1969. His mouth fell open, he said, “you probably saw the Fouke Monster, you were on the right road to Fouke weren’t you?”
I don’t know what else to tell you, the screamer on the road is all I know besides it was hairy and good sized. We retired and live near Blanchard now, there are rumors of the monster from years ago, but nothing in the papers lately, if you hear of something recent, we would like to hear from you, I hope this helps your research.
Kindly, John Copeland

Thorney Peterborough, Hairy Man in a chestnut fur coat.

Hi, Deborah. My name is Brian.

My sister and her friend had a strange encounter about three years back in a place near Thorney, Peterborough. An unusual location as it is, surrounded by flat farmland with little or no tree cover, but, I can give you better location details if you are interested, and want to send one of your members down to view the site?

Anyway! She and a friend were walking their dogs along a public right of way path approaching a man made pond with a few trees near it. One of the local farmers had some sheep in a fenced off run next to the pond. As they approached the pond my sisters friend said, “look! SOMEONE is chasing the sheep around, wearing a fur coat!”.

As they got closer my sister saw what she thought was someone in a chestnut coloured fur coat move into the copse of trees and take cover. They weren’t sure what was going on so carried on along the path. As they passed the trees my sister couldn’t quite make out the shape but she said it was a man sized, and she definitely saw hair. She described the hair as like a chestnut colour like a pony or horse. Not the shape just the colour. That spooked her so they turned and went back the way they came. Her friend said “someone” when she described what she saw as it was on two legs!

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