Dead Asleep | True Ghost Stories

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A pair of teens believe they see each other in the night, only to discover that both were dead asleep!

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“I thought it was my brother trying to scare me, so I said, “Quinn, I see you. You aren’t going to scare me.” Something was wrong, though, and I could sense it. The figure did not respond, and after a couple more seconds, which felt like 5 minutes, the figure slowly moved back behind the wall, where I could not see it. I chuckled because I was thinking that my brother was just trying to keep up with his plan. I turned on the lights and went to walk into the living room. I looked behind the couch, the chairs, anywhere where someone could hide, I looked. No one was there, and there was no way someone could get past me without me knowing. I started freaking out, so I walked upstairs and checked to see my brother was in his room just to make sure it was not him. He was dead asleep.”

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