David Whitehead | New World Order, Cult Of The Medics, and a Martial Arts Mentality

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David Whitehead, The Truth Warrior, host of The Unslaved Podcast with Michael Tsarion, and Creator of The Cult Of The Medics Docuseries, joins me for a conversation about how his journey begun, studying martial arts philosophy, training in Karate, Boxing, Kick-Boxing and eventually starting his own Dojo. Applying a martial artists mindset to understanding our world and its occult aspects. We then discussed this mindset is what the world needs more of in todays spiritual or mental atmosphere. David taught me about the Mass Formation Psychosis phenomena and its effect on our collective conscious now and throughout history. David also explained how his research into the Cult of The Medics connects to our overall conversation. Find more David Whitehead here: https://www.dwtruthwarrior.com/#/ –  https://www.cultofthemedics.com/https://unslaved.com/

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