David Icke | Agenda 21 Unleashed, Transhumanism, Political Parasites and The Cult Class

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Legendary David Icke, Author, Speaker, and Leader in The Truth Community, Joins us for a conversation on why the world thought he was crazy and how wrong they actually were. David took us through his perspective on the events of the last couple years, he discussed the true Agenda 21 and how he saw the road ahead before many others and how his message of empowerment remains the same it is not easy to sum up such a powerful conversation, David is a truly gifted orator and has been tapped into 5D Consciousness for decades this is evident within the first 10 minutes spent in his company, David has a powerful mission and shared with us his perspective on the root of the problem and how to get at the heart of it and take our world back from the 1% Support David at Ickonic.com

This Episode was *Banned on YouTube*

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