Darren Grimes | Hunting Bears, Younger Dryas, Colonial Genocide and A Canadian Shame + Inspiration from Yogi Zorananda.

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Darren Grimes, Author and Host of The Grimerica Show, Grimerica Outlawed, and The Indian In The Room, joins me to discuss his new book A Canadian Shame. We discussed the inspiration for the book, Bear Hunting, Darren’s new podcast The Indian In The Room, the current Canadian Lockdown, Justin Trudeau and The Connections between the Mohawk and Teotihuacan and the ancient cultures that lived and thrived there thousands of years before colonialism and all of the atrocities that came with the genocide of the peoples of North and South America. Buy Darren’s Book A Canadian Shame Here Follow Grimerica Here

Yogi Zorananda joins me for our extended outro for an update on his life and his thoughts on what 2022 will bring.
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