DARPA’s Project Echo: Epigenetics and Mass Surveillance w/ Spencer Bland

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Is that some trauma in your pants? Epigenetics and the new security surveillance world. We sit down with comic, friend and studio mate Spencer Bland to discuss DARPA’s Project Echo. DARPA is building a portable device that analyzes an individual’s epigenetic “fingerprint” to potentially reveal a detailed history of that individual’s exposure to WMD or their precursors. In other words, they can scan peoples DNA and figure out if they are a terrorist. Sounds good right? But if they can do that with this technology, its not far fetched to think a bad actor could utilize this tech to divide us by past trauma, class, race and penis size. This episode was so much fun.


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We dive into the fascinating world of epigenetics and its potential implications. From exploring how environmental factors can influence gene expression to discussing public DNA databases and robotic dogs for military applications, this podcast provides a captivating look at the new science of epigenetics and its potential for benefiting society as well as its potential for misuse. Whether it’s unlocking superhuman abilities or predicting events, epigenetics has the potential to revolutionize the way we understand humanity and our own bodies – but it’s important to remain aware of the ethical implications of this new technology.