Cycles and Schedules – The Birth of Goddess Week

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Cycles and Schedules – The Birth of Goddess Week

I have been wanting to talk more about spiritual entrepreneurship on the podcast for the past year, but I had a lot of healing and deconditioning to do first before I could do so openly. As I mentioned in the previous episode, there are not a lot of spiritual mentors treating their practice as a business and teaching about that side of it. This episode intertwines my journey with PMDD and how I have structured my business to allow for one week off every month to honour my feminine energy. Your cycles as a lightworker are important and I even have a module for members of the collective that goes more in depth about why. 


Topics covered in this episode:

  • Instead of being upset, my clients appreciated me showing them that it was possible to take time off in their business
  • A minimum of 2 weeks off per year is not conducive to work/life balance
  • I hired a coach who talked about having a week off per month because that was a goal of mine when I went full-time in my practice in 2020
  • My therapist recognized that the times of extreme reaction and rage were because I was suffering with PMDD
  • I was able to track my cycle with the Stardust App
  • I had a thought that this rage was related to me not honouring my feminine
  • My desire for a week off per month and not being able to work during my PMDD “hell week” were aligning and Goddess week was born
  • Entrepreneurship is creative, not prescriptive
  • Goddess week is for preservation and I learned a lot in the first two months
  • In January, I was forced to rest when I got COVID and in February, I did not honour my break from social media and was triggered by a DM
  • I had a peaceful week in March that allowed me to put my family first
  • In April, I was able to take my family on vacation without needing to reschedule anything and my PMDD symptoms were nonexistent
  • Goddess Week may be a new norm for spiritual entrepreneurship and it is an act of self love
  • Think about what days and what time you enjoy doing your readings
  • Track these cycles and test out different schedules to get clarity
  • Boundaries are difficult but necessary for you to show up well for your clients
  • A scheduling system is crucial for a clear and smooth booking process
  • Be realistic about how many readings you have to do for your income goals
  • I acknowledge that I made the leap to full-time from a privileged place

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