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(Explicit) A podcast that explores the strange stories of small towns across the globe. They may be paranormal, true crime, or just plain weird. Every town has a secret what is yours?

Cumbria, EN/ Mineral Point, WI

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The legend of the Groglin Grange Vampire is really the classic vampire story, but unlike Dracula this one may have actually happend. Crouglin is nestled in Cumberland County, England. The story first originated in a book by Augustus Hare titled My Solitary Life. Augustus claimed he was told the story by a descendent of hte Cranswell family, named Captain Fisher. It all started at a farmhouse known as now as Croglin Grange but was then called Groclin Low Hall. The grange is also located near an old cemetery and church.

The small town of Mineral point in Wisconsin is home to many things including, a stop on the Cheese Country Trail and the Midwest Cornish Festival. But Mineral Point has something else, it lurks in the shadows and stalks around in the night. It’s a tall, lanky figure wih pale white skin, complete with black cape. The thing is simply known as the Mineral Point Vampire.

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