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Episode 11 – Workers Buried in Hoover Dam

A worker falls into a pool of wet concrete that’s being poured as part of a major construction project. Before he can be saved, his body slips beneath the surface and he drowns in the thick soup of the concrete.
Pouring concrete is a slow and tedious job, and once “the pour” is started, it can’t be stopped without ruining the whole block, and that section of the project has to completely re-done. So, rather than dig the dead workman out of the concrete pool, construction supervisors and bosses let the body sink further into the concrete, and the poor workman gets entombed forever in the structure he was helping to build.

That’s the legend anyway, and it gets told generation after generation when people discover this mega-structure. Is it really just that good of a legend that it keeps going on it’s own merits, or is there something else about the Hoover Dam itself that resonates within the public mind?


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