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CT009 – The Day Carl Jung Analyzed a Crop Circle

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Episode 9 – Crop Circles

The name conjures the image in the mind. A crop circle means a golden geometric pattern has been shaped into a field somewhere, and eventually turned into a poster on someone’s cubicle wall. Some believe that they are made by extra-terrestrial visitors, or perhaps by magnetic fields flowing from deep within the earth along leylines. Others simply chalk them up to the result of weather phenomena or the artful endeavor of hoaxers known as “cereal artists”. Crop circles, whatever the cause, capture our imagination, but why? The answer may lie with an ancient symbol known as the mandala. Thanks to analytical psychologist Carl Jung, we can explore the deep psychological value of both mandala and crop circles as reflections and representation of self and our understanding of our identities, and maybe discover why we find these fanciful field formations so fascinating!

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