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Episode 5 – Area 51 – Part 2

The conclusion of our discussion about of one of the most secure, highly restricted military installations in the United States, Area 51. This time we dive into an understanding of narrative psychology and how the concept of narrative identity can be used to explain the public appeal of Area 51.

Doesn’t the whole thing sometimes feel like a great story? Almost a movie plot, that starts with a crashed UFO, leads into a secret base the is so secure it’s own existence isn’t acknowledged, and onto the accelerated advancement of our military technology through the reverse engineering of the crash debris. Well, if you think it reads too well to be coincidence, or, you think it’s too good to be true because it isn’t, this episode is for you.

No matter what you think of Area 51, you think of it. And…you like it. It captures the imagination and sparks a fascination like few other places.


Music is by adamhenrygarcia.bandcamp.com