Crypt Creeper Tour St. Andrews on the Red

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Crypt Creeper Tour – St. Andrews On-The-Red –Anglican Church

Finally Part 2!!! It was a grey and dismal Autumn Day last October 2021 when 7 of us set out to explore the graveyard grounds surrounding the Oldest Stone Church, still in operation; The Haunted St. Andrew’s Church. Built in 1844 it has survived plagues, wars, sorrow and devastation. Perched on River Rd, overseeing the flow of the Red River, there is so much historical significance above and below these grounds.

It was an honour to tour the gravestones and pay respect to the lives that have passed, and read the headstones to reflect on the long and often lives cut short, often from the previous century. So many stories lie on these grounds.

Once we reviewed the audio, we did find a few curious sounds (aside from the constant crunching of leaves under our feet) however; perhaps you listen in on our conversations and see if your ears can detect any ethereal voices???
Here’s a hint on what we found (although faint) and where in the recordings:
-4:01 to 4:05 – Fast ‘Clicking’ footsteps on pavement (yet by this point we were walking on the grounds together.
-6:04 – sounds like a door slamming or a drum
-6:06 – sound of a window sliding
-15:54 to 15:58 – more weird knocking noises
-23:41 – Laughter or birds?
**Of interest** 27:00 – mark – Batteries dies on Recorder # 1, while we put in brand new batteries before we left the house. As well Jenn reported that she heard a knock on the church window from the inside.
-27:53 – we all walked around the grounds in silence ‘Quiet Walk’
-27:46 – 27:54 – First faint yelling, then singing sounds almost in a Scottish dialect.
-28:10 – faint voice detected of a female, perhaps a girl saying “Will she Carry Me?”

Thanks to all our Listeners who have stuck around and enjoyed our ghost shenanigans!
Music by Ruesche-Sounds

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