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Episode 47

When life ends, tragically and suddenly, or perhaps even naturally in its due course, can those final moments provide an opportunity for a final goodbye, or a heartfelt thank you to those that mean the most to us, even if they are not with us at our last breath? Is there more connecting us to each other than we think, that may remove even death as a barrier to communication? These are the questions we will explore this episode.

For those that are unfamiliar with this ghostly phenomenon, this critically-timed appearance of family and loved ones at the time of either death or near-death critical moments is aptly named as crisis apparition. I say aptly named because of what the phenomenon is not. These apparitions are not “ghosts” in the usual sense, though they can at times have a “ghostly” appearance. As well, this is not a “haunting”. These are not entities attached to a person or place or object, and they only occur once, for a varying period of time. This phenomenon is also not very well understood. The apparition itself does not provide much explanation, often not speaking at all in most examples. The focus is usually to convey some sort of emotional personal message through facial expression and gesture. Even in those cases where a spoken interchange is reported, it is not to provide exposition but rather a message of love or appreciation. At a minimum, these apparitions are there to announce their death at a personal, individual level. 

Of course, with such an ambiguous description, while we may understand what this phenomenon looks like, it does not really tell us what they are? Let’s start with ideas as to the source. How is it created? If it’s not the ghost of a dead or dying loved one, and it is more than just the hopeful imagination of the experiencer, who made it? 

Once that is answered, understanding what these apparitions may be, and how they might be created does certainly help us to grasp the phenomenon, giving some definition and description, but we are left with the question of why. Why might these individuals in crisis mode feel so compelled, even subconsciously, to create this telepathic image to someone else? Answering this question may give us an idea as to the basis of fascination for these crisis apparition experiences thus providing the core theoryology for the phenomenon.

Some of the stories shared in this episode come from the CNN.com article referenced in the links below.


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