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Story was written by Stephen King and read by Spooky Boo Rhodes
Story told with permission by Stephen King
All rights to this story owned by Stephen King.
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About Spooky Boo

Spooky Boo Rhodes is both an author and a podcaster. She has two podcasts available: Spooky Boo’s Scary Story Time where she writes her own stories and tells them on the podcast and Creepypasta and Scary Stories where she tells the creepy stories of the internet written by other authors.

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Scary Story Time is the world of horror written by Spooky Boo Rhodes. Here you will find scary stories of ghosts, haunted houses, vampires, werewolves, paranormal events, monsters, demons, cryptids, aliens, witches, and the unknown. The mystical entities in Sandcastle have been fighting the world of good vs. evil since time began. Today, crime hides within the realm of evil and very few can tell the difference.

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Spooky Boo enjoys bringing you stories of the macabre from her own fiction horror stories and creepypastas from internet writers to the true scary stories of everyday people. These stories may include ghosts, zombies, haunted houses, witches, demons, cults, the paranormal, the unknown, government x-files, aliens, black-eyed kids, and other creepy stories from all over the world. For more details on the podcasts visit the website at https://www.scarystorytime.com.

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