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Creepypasta scary stories are written by creepypasta authors and retold by Spooky Boo. I also tell true scary stories and weird happenings here on this podcast. If you want to hear Spooky Boo's own written work then check out Scary Story Time. I will touch on subjects of the paranormal, true crime, weird happenings, and even science fiction or non-fiction topics of this beyond normal world of strange. Here you will find fiction and non-fiction topics of black-eyed kids (BEKS), monsters, aliens, ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, serial killers, cults, witches, demons, the unknown, and the creepy.

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Creepypasta and Scary Stories Episode 63: Crazy Psychos, Dog-Men, Shadow Men

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Creepypasta and Scary Stories Episode 63: Crazy Psychos, Dog-Men, Shadow Men

Story 1:
I Shouldn’t Have Tried the Crystal Pepsi
Be careful when you steal as the results can be devastating. Some people turn you in, but others take matters into their own hands and you might even lose your hands OR your head! Do you really want to find out which your neighbor prefers?

Two friends steal some soda and trinkets and pay the price!

Original Story:


Story 2:
Scary Stories | The Dog-Men
Music by Myuu
Right on the same abandoned plot where Ben saw the homeless man bathing, there was a decent sized fire burning. I could make out possibly three silhouettes huddled around the flames. Ben’s area is pretty rough so this isn’t an unusual sight, but I don’t know how to describe it; Those figures weren’t moving naturally. My view wasn’t great because Ben wouldn’t move closer than we were, but I swear those silhouettes never stood completely upright. 

Story 3:
Scary Shadow Man Stories | Always Therea
Always There
He’s always been there, ever since I can remember. Every time I went outside to play, I’d see him, lurking on the edge of my peripheral vision. He would always be still, staring at me, his cold, black eyes gazing into my face. He never used to come close to me, not when I was small. I would always see him across the street from my house, just standing there, watching me through the window.
Music by Myuu
Music by

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Spooky Boo Rhodes is both an author and a podcaster. She has three podcasts available: Spooky Boo’s Scary Story Time where she writes her own stories and tells them on the podcast, Creepypasta and Scary Stories where she tells the creepy stories of the internet written by other authors, and Creepy True Scary Stories where people send in their own true scary stories for Spooky Boo to read.

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This podcast includes stories of a dark nature and may not be suitable for all listeners. If you’re comfortable listening to stories that are paranormal or twisted dark horror then this podcast is for you.

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