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Creepypasta scary stories are written by creepypasta authors and retold by Spooky Boo. I also tell true scary stories and weird happenings here on this podcast. If you want to hear Spooky Boo's own written work then check out Scary Story Time. I will touch on subjects of the paranormal, true crime, weird happenings, and even science fiction or non-fiction topics of this beyond normal world of strange. Here you will find fiction and non-fiction topics of black-eyed kids (BEKS), monsters, aliens, ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, serial killers, cults, witches, demons, the unknown, and the creepy.

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Creepypasta and Scary Stories Episode 47: Three Creepy Basement Stories

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Emily’s Basement, A creepypasta

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My throat went dry, nodding at him as I walked over. I felt nasty, my hair unwashed for months and clothes being the same as I’ve worn for ages. I couldn’t help but shudder as I heard Richie’s snickering. I always felt like he was laughing at my suffering, laughing at my fear. I finally reached the cage, kneeling down to peer into the bars. The figure inside was curled into the far left corner, screaming at the bars as if it was her only way to survive. The screams made me feel so sorry for her, but it was only for a moment until I remembered the horrors that happened to anyone who entered the cage.

Secrets of the Basement

Music by Myuu


“This is my home.” Her body contorted and before I knew it, she came crawling impossibly fast across the room. Jake and I screamed and sprinted for the stairs. I somehow managed to get in front of Jake, and I was just stepping up the last stair when I turned and saw Allie grab his foot. She yanked his leg out from under him and pulled him back down into the basement. I heard him scream across the basement until his voice got cut off.

There’s Something Wrong with the Basement

Music/sound by Dr. Creepen

Intro and ending music by Myuu

Be careful when buying a home for something might be lurking in the basement, ready to take over your home or worse, your mind! A woman buys a house and ignores the warning by the previous owner that there is something in the basement. It isn’t until people go missing when she realizes that the basement really is a place where dark things hide.


Her eyes were sunken, her hair was thin, and it seemed her skin had gone a shade of ashen-gray. She felt her forehead for a fever, but felt the opposite, she was cold and clammy. “There’s something wrong with the basement,” she muttered to herself, echoing the old man.

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