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Three Creepy Cryptid Stories by Killahawke1

Do you know what is watching you in your sleep at night? Maybe it is very, very hungry!
Story by Killahawk1
Music by Myuu
Source: https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Gaze

Late Night in the Hot Tub by Killahawke1

As it pulls itself up further over the edge of the roof, its thin and long body comes into full view. It resembles a short, toned male, except for the two extra arms. Its skin is jet-black and rough as if its body was charred and burned. I immediately lower myself into the steamy water as far as I can; the water level is reaching just below my nose. I press myself against the side of the tub, hoping the darkness and billowing steam will hide my presence from this terrifying creature scuttling on my rooftop just ten feet away.

Source: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Late_Night_in_the_Hot_Tub

They Mostly Come at Night by Killahawke1
A woman flew across the room, smashing into a large fume hood to the right and rear of the large room. Her broken body lay over the destroyed workstation. The impact had toppled over the instrument and dislodged its upper panel, revealing a narrow ventilation duct within the wall. In a flash, I remembered the school day-trip last month to see the scientists. It was the same type of instrument. The one used for dangerous chemicals. It was a dura-glass enclosure with two access openings for the hands. They would stick their hands through the openings attached to thick gloves and pour their chemicals from the inside without breathing the fumes. The scientist said the fumes were then removed from the complex by the exhaust fans…

Music by Myuu

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