Creepy Pasta: Animal Crossing Dead Town, Jeff the Killer, & Slenderman

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Hosts of “Even the Podcast is Afraid” read some of the creepiest stories & Creepy Pastas from the darkest parts of the internet, once each month, while bringing their own comedic, narrative edits, & opinions as they critique & rate the stories they read, sometimes for the first time.[STORIES FEATURED on this EPISODE]”Animal Crossing: Dead Town” by anonymous []”Jeff the Killer” by Sesseur []”Slenderman” by anonymous [] [FOLLOW US and BONUS CONTENT]Join our Patreon, for just $5/month you will get access to our after show “After the Podcast is Afraid” plus more bonus episodes & content, just visit Visit Our Website: eventhepodcastisafraid.comFollow us on Twitter @PodcastAfraid Follow us on Instagram @PodcastAfraid Part of the Crawlspace Media Network [MUSIC USED in this EPISODE] Music from“In Your Arms” by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY (

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