Creepy Campuses and Deadly Dorms

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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives, Kyle and Cam start off talking about the rain and cooler weather in North Central Texas, the world championship of disc golf and Cam’s upcoming visit to ReaperCon!. Then, two people celebrating their first honeymoon take a trip for a weekend before Christmas in Oregon where they have a scary encounter with a Sasquatch. Next, a person in India sees a gigantic cryptic bird of impossible size. After the break Cam brings up some Haunted Colleges.

Some universities are said to have been built on ancient burial sites; others were apparently the scenes of tragic suicides and unexplained deaths. It’s probably little wonder, then, that so many college campuses are supposedly haunted. Taking in everything from possessed paintings to mischief-making poltergeists, haunted college ghost legends are as varied as they are chilling. What’s more, while some schools seem to shrug off their allegedly haunted histories, others actively embrace the reputations they have for all things paranormal. Students, meanwhile, have turned the humble ghost story into a campus institution, and tales are enthusiastically passed down from each generation of freshmen to the next. What do you think?

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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