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DISCLAIMER: Parental discretion is advised. Some of the details of the creepypastas are a bit gory. They are horror-related and some of the things talked about are not recommended for those under the ages of 18 or if you have problems with concepts featured in horror movies. Please continue to the episode knowing this disclaimer.

Throughout the years the internet has served as a powerful tool to spread legends, lores, and just downright creepy stories. In the early 2000s when creepy stories and weird Internet forums seem to be at their highest, and unfortunately it’s creepiest. Out of the interwebs bore a type of fictional writings that harnessed some of the scariest legends and stories. With the concept, the world of CreepyPasta began. From scary stories about a strange slender long-limbed man to a Russian sleep, experiment bore stories that would stick with generations and continue into present-day times. In this episode, we gather the creepiest of them from ones well known to some not so well know. Dive in deep with us on this concept as we share our researched information and our theories as to why these were all the rage back in the early 2000s and if they could in fact be more than fictional writings.