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From what might become a semi-regular miniseries focusing on the monster-hunters of cryptozoology, this episode is about a man who had a sighting of the Florida ‘skunk ape,’ a regional type of Bigfoot, and it changed his life. Obsessed with the creature, he spent every day for six months sitting in his stand in the swamp until he captured photographs – and eventually footage – of the creature. What kind of man does it take to hunt the skunk ape? We find out. A portrait of the renegade, outsider, throwback woodsman type monster obsessive. Episode includes:

-discussion about the various regional types of Bigfoot

-disagreement among cryptozoologists about how many species there might be

-Discovery Florida’s video of a visit to the Skunk Ape headquarters

-Physical description of the skunk ape

-Upcoming film on the skunk ape, shot on location!

-Smithsonian article all about the Skunk Ape Headquarters

-Some reports from the 70s

-The ‘outsider’ traits of the cryptozoologist

-How a feud with the parks system became an origin story for the monster hunter …

-Conspiracies in Bigfoot world …

-Primate Products: are actual monkeys the answer?

-The amazing Myakka Ape photo


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