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I felt that creating space for development would be a fun topic to cover on the podcast. In my free Spirit School community, I posted the question, “For those that are focusing on development while parenting children and/or in full-time careers, what do you do to carve out time and space to commit to your development?” The responses were overwhelming. Over 40 people shared their experiences and advice. I love how engaged this community is already after 6 weeks!


Of course, like any other topic, I will share my own experiences with carving out time for development in this episode. If you would like to get in on the conversation, you are welcome to join the community! If you are interested in making time for mediumship development, registration is now open for The Initiation, my Mediumship Foundations Experience!


We have 8 billion people on this planet and every single one of them can benefit from mediumship, because every single person on this planet will lose someone someday. Mediumship is just one of those things that is for everybody, and everyone resonates with very different things.So, the world of spirit needs us all to be very different. I need you to be okay with how your soul is calling you to develop. And whether you get an hour a day or a minute a day, it will all unfold as it should. And you will end up exactly where you are meant to be. It’s all just about what stories you have to share when you get there.


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In this episode:

  • I was blessed to have a year on maternity leave when I began my development 
  • My husband has not always been supportive because he doesn’t understand this path
  • My first teacher didn’t talk about Sitting in the Power and I didn’t develop through Spiritualism
  • I would sit with spirit every day for 30 minutes on my bed while my daughter napped
  • I have a busy mind, so the dedicated practices that are taught in mediumship didn’t work for me
  • I would often ask my guide Skylar to show me signs of his presence
  • Sometimes I would ask for things to be validated tomorrow and my accuracy improved over time
  • My teacher was clairvoyant, so I was really trying to develop my own clairvoyance
  • A friend once validated that a Spirit named Eddie I connected with was her missing uncle
  • My relationship with my husband shifted because I started needing more alone time
  • I have stopped expecting him to take an interest in personal development
  • It was easy to stick to the 30 minutes with spirit because I had such profound experiences
  • My mediumship development was limited to 5 hours a month with my teacher
  • I wish I had been vulnerable to develop in the public eye like some of my peers
  • I expected a stronger connection during my second pregnancy, but was very sick
  • I had a near death experience in the ICU and doctors couldn’t agree on the cause
  • I didn’t keep my consistent practice, but still attended retreats 
  • When I had my son, my life changed and I opened my practice to the public
  • The only spiritual practice I remember at that time was talking to my guides
  • Showing up on social media started my personal development around being seen
  • My development was immersing myself in spiritual content and doing readings
  • I had one development Saturday and one day to rent a studio for readings a month
  • A solution for the friction in my marriage was giving my husband time for his own hobby
  • I went full-time in March 2020 with in-person clients booked and was in lockdown with my kids
  • Out of 50 clients, only 2 asked for a refund for their sessions and I started online readings 
  • Online influencers talked about consistent routines that were not accessible to me at all
  • You will always be healing and evolving, but you are whole as you are right now
  • How you choose to dedicate the time you have to development is enough
  • The pandemic and working from home has given people more space to fit in development
  • I consider everything I do in my business and online presence to be my spiritual development
  • I still carve out time to sit and ask how I desire to connect with myself in this moment
  • I want to be a teacher that shows you can thrive doing things differently

Tips from Spirit School members:

  • Developing after kids go to bed, or nap time
  • Blocking time into your calendar or schedule
  • Including children in spiritual practices
  • If you wake up often in the night, meditate in that brain state
  • Ask your partner to give you time in the evening to connect
  • Take a few minutes here and there to connect or meditate
  • Turning your career into spiritual development
  • I’m okay that I can’t be consistent, and I know that spirit doesn’t judge me