COVID Testing and Overdiagnosis

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Episode 54

In January 2022, US President Biden and the White House released a media statement announcing an all-encompassing effort to produce, provide and distribute rapid COVID tests throughout the entire country, along with free and readily available access to testing facilities. The seemingly magnanimous effort, predicated on public safety and national defense, may, in reality, be a means of working around the inexplicable public aversion to vaccination mandates, but pushing the public into a forced vaccination mindset of their own design. 

This tactic is built on a not well-understood issue within medicine that has come to be known as Overdiagnosis, and its key ingredient…excessive and unnecessary testing.


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Overdiagnosis: causes and consequences in primary health care

Fact Sheet: The Biden Administration to Begin Distributing At-Home, Rapid COVID-19 Tests to Americans for Free | The White House