Connect with your Slavic Ancestors using Oracle Cards 

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Have you ever wanted to connect with your Slavic ancestors?

If so, your ancestors want to connect with you and help you! Luckily for you, ancestral veneration and contact with your ancestors can be easy. You can communicate with them through a variety of ways but the easiest is through the cards. This article will cover how you can use divination tools like The Slavic Oracle to: 

  1. Connect with your ancestors 
  2. Ask your ancestors questions 
  3. Get immediate answers from them 

Connect with your Ancestors using Oracle Cards 

In order to speak with spirits beyond the veil you will need to use spiritual tools. One of the most popular tools for mediumship and divination are oracle cards and the tarot. They will be your conduit to the spirit world. Decks that have imagery that your ancestors are familiar with are the best to use for communication. So using a culturally themed deck that honors all Slavic ancestry like The Slavic Oracle to connect is ideal. 

When you make the intent to connect to your ancestors and then take action on it by 

  • purchasing a Slavic themed oracle 
  • learning your ancestors’ history, language and culture 

you are strengthening your connection to your ancestors and honoring them in more ways than you know. 

Give your Ancestors Offerings 

After you have set your intention to connect with your ancestors you can expect to be able to receive guidance from them shortly after. To start your relationship off right you should provide them with an offering. 

If you have space you can prepare an ancestor altar. This altar can be a small table with a plain white cloth, a candle and your oracle deck to something more ornate like a table with many magical tools like a spindle, runes, etc. 

If you don’t have a lot of space you can simply dedicate your time, energy or prayers to them. 

No matter whether you have a physical place to give them an offering you should give them something before you ask for any advice. 

Popular first time offerings are to put some bread out on your altar overnight for them. 

Bread, honey, milk and mead are popular offerings to simply place on your altar to them. If you cannot leave food out overnight you can recite poetry, learn a folk dance or sing a song in their native language at your altar as well. 

If you don’t have an altar you can ask your ancestors what they would like and then meditate on it. 

They will give you an answer. 

Once you have given them an appropriate offering you can feel free to ask them for guidance. 

Ask your Ancestors for Help 

Simply take out The Slavic Oracle and think of what you need help or guidance on. 

Some common questions to ask your ancestors are: 

– Do you think they’re a good match? 

– How do I handle this situation? 

– What is the best career choice for me? 

You can also simply ask them for insight into your own spiritual powers and how you can improve your intuition and more. 

You can choose to ask the question and pull one card, three cards or more. 

How to understand messages from your Ancestors 

You can look at the card title, the card meanings within the guidebook or even just look at the art to see what messages your ancestors have for you. 

The cards will often give you a message that is appropriate for your soul’s journey and that can come through in many different ways. If the card falls upside down, it may mean the opposite of what it normally suggests. 

If you are intuitive and psychic you can pay attention to more than the cards as well. Your ancestors may begin to speak to you through your clairsenses. You may see visions, hear messages, just know the answer or feel unique sensations. 

Follow your ancestors’ advice 

After you’ve received guidance from your ancestors, thank them! You can do this by saying thank you, providing an offering or by simply following their advice. 

The greatest gift you can give to your ancestors is to live a life that will make all of their suffering worth it; a life that will make them proud and a life that you can invite them to be a part of. 

If you would like to receive messages from your ancestors get The Slavic Oracle now or book a reading with psychic-medium and Slavic Oracle deck creator Anielle Reid now.