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From the Janosh Oracle Card:  Devotion~

The current earth frequencies challenge us to find our inner strength. We can only achieve this as we begin to feel where our passion lies.

How great is your desire to literally choose what feels right for you?

To follow your own truth, without adjusting yourself to the outside world?

Because that is the only way you can fully tap into your own strength.

It is not important what others think of you, because no one knows your path better than you.

Only when you dare to say: ‘it doesn’t interest me what you think of me’, you have understood the message and you will be able to create what you really want.   Posted on the Psychic Cowgirl Facebook page on March 15th, 2016. 

This card fit the energy of right now on so many levels.   I am working on releasing cords of obligation that really make no sense, yet I cannot deny that I feel them.  

I will share tools and stories.  I have some fabulous ranching stories to share!