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Wisdom from an illustrious Psychic Cowgirl ®; Reverend Shannon Laackmann B.Msc, C.Ht brings a practical cowgirl wisdom to metaphysical topics to help you increase your awareness, intuition and understanding of yourself on your personal journey. Warning: hanging out with this Psychic Cowgirl will automatically raise your vibration, and increase your intuitive talents.

Comfort Zones. Safety Net or Fear of taking a leap of faith?

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When is the last time you did something that got you completely out of your comfort zone? It was terrifying and exciting at the same time.   Do you let fear of rejection or fear of failing keep you from trying new things or taking chances?  

It is time to take baby steps or big steps to work through that fear and be who you dream of being.  In those no limits-you can do anything  dreams that you have…..who are you? What are you doing?  

How can you make it happen?   How can you try so that regret is not an issue?  

I will discuss all this an more..  A Guided Imagery Journey to help you will also happen.  


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