Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: Aliens, Spirituality & UFOlogy

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Join us at the cabin for a semi-seasonal late-December big-budget sci-fi extravaganza as we tackle Spielberg’s 1977 film Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and its inspirations from the real-life world of UFOlogy. We cover:

-Close Encounters vs Star Wars

-The Paranormal boom of the 70s

-Themes of religion and spirituality in UFOlogy

-J Allen Hynek, ‘secular’ UFOlogy, and the ETH

-Small-town America as a magical place in film

-Real cases that influenced the film

-Alien abductions

-Spielberg’s interest in UFOs


Rolling Stone Interview:

Science Fiction in Steven Spielberg’s Suburbia

Varicose Brains, Martin Kottmeyer:

Directed by Steven Spielberg by Warren Buckland:,makes%20in%20structuring%20his%20blockbusters.