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(Explicit) Welcome to the HOLOSKY podcast with your hosts Steve and Kyle, where we cover all things paranormal from aliens, ghosts, missing people, conspiracies and much much more.

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Welcome back to the episode everyone, on this episode we have a submission from Mike who lives in Florida. He shares a story of seeing a shadow man running through his work space and his buddy next door seeing the same being. Then Steve takes us down an interesting road. It starts off in a small town and a woman gets a letter claiming she’s having and affair. Then the husband starts to get letters as well, after this it all starts to spiral out of control. A body pops up, and thousands of letters get sent out. People get arrested, and yet no one was ever actually arrested for the crime. Was it a single person sending out all these threatening letters or did the entire town take up the mantel and get all their secrets and frustrations out? Thanks for listening and as always stay safe and stay weird.


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