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Christmas Special with La Befana, the Italian Christmas Witch

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Have you been Naughty or Nice? La Befana the Christmas Witch joins Cheesehead and Florida Man in their very first Christmas Special! Hand-gesturing all the way from Italy on her magical broom, La Befana shares the gift of history, rooted in the ancient world, as well as her role with the Three Kings!

La Befana, the Christmas Witch, dips her toes in legends predating Christ himself. The Ancient Greeks, Romans, and various Alpine communities all had myths and stories similar to hers, so it is not a wonder she is so revered and respected in Italy to this day. Befana Day is on Epiphany Eve, January 6th, where children wake up to goodies such as chocolates, fruits, and candies if they have behaved but coal, soap, or garlic if they were were mischievous. Despite being used as propaganda by the Italian Fascist party and having the holiday suspended in the 1970’s, Befana Day is alive and well all over Italy and other Alpine regions.

La Befana is voiced by native Italian tour guide, historian, and language teacher, Antonietta Fabiano. You can find her by following the links below: & on Instagram @italian_classes_with_me

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