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Christmas Creepy Victorian Ghost Stories

Nothing better than curling up with your loved ones, gathered around the fireplace, the lanterns dimmed low, with nothing but the shadows on the wall from the Christmas tree and its reflecting balls to set the mood……for GHOST STORIES!!!

Unless you were not made aware of it already, at the turn of the century it was very common in Victorian times to share spine-tingling, scary stories of ghosts, ghouls and mind-numbing terror tales during Yuletime – that’s the true meaning of Christmas giving! Scaring your children so they appreciated that Christmas orange and socks they received, or maybe even that lump of coal.
Christmas gatherings and gift giving has sure come a long way!

Today, on our CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – Jas and Sher, discuss some Victorian Christmas Stories and we are honored to hear Sher’s revamped and improved Rendition of ‘Twas The Night Before (Gothic) Christmas’.

Merry Christmas to all our listeners and THANK YOU!! – wishing you wine flavored candy cane wishes and Irish Cream shortbread cookie dreams!

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