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On episode 44 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan is joined by the newly appointed director of Research for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Chris Cogswell. Ryan has been pretty vocal about his thoughts on MUFON in the past, and with news of a new Director of Research, he opened the floor to listeners and beyond the put Chris to the test.

How did Chris get involved with MUFON? What are his credentials? And just exactly what are his plans to completely overhaul the way MUFON handles its research and investigations? His answers were extremely invigorating and refreshing to a MUFON skeptic. 

Ryan and Chris also discuss some very ambitious theories on UFOs and how these theories can be applied to the future of UFO research both in and out of MUFON. They then dive deep into Chris’s own show, THE MAD SCIENTIST PODCAST

Guest Bio: Chris Cogswell is a PhD in Chemical Engineering, host of The Mad Scientist Podcast, and the newly appointed Director of Research for MUFON. His research focused on the use of nanomaterials for sustainability improvements to existing systems. He hopes to bring MUFONs methods and ideas into the 21st century, and be critical of the ideas and theories floating around UFOlogy today. You can follow his podcast at www.themadscientistpodcast.com.

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