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Mysteries have provided us with some of our most gripping stories throughout modern times – television dramas and books surrounding the unknown or mysterious have proven to be some of the most popular pieces of media out there – and with good reason. With their bizarre twists, shocking revelations and the grisly morbid curiosity they inspire, it's no wonder millions of people sit down every day to enjoy a good mystery story. Today, we're bringing you five mysteries of our own – but with our own little twist. These mysteries all centre around the supernatural – disembodied spirits, unknown flying objects and sightings of the truly bone chilling. The stories we are bringing you today have, as of yet, been unresolved, or unconfirmed, and are still cloaked in a black shroud of mystery and dread. From an eerie, haunted bridge, to the strange tale of alien abduction, we're bringing you five of the most chilling supernatural mysteries of them all. Hit those lights, sit back, and enjoy.

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