Chef’s Specials

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You’ve been listening to the Night’s End podcast which is a production of Dissonance Media.

Some people think that dating a surgeon who can cook is a dream, but it might actually be a nightmare if your date is Dr. Wang

Chef’s Specials was written by Carolyn O’Brien whose work you would have heard on this podcast before in season 1 with Lifetime Commitment, season 2 with Behind the Glass, and in our 2021 Halloween special with Ms. Creel and Cheesy Halloween.

This episode was narrated by David Martinez. David is a regular on the Night’s end having narrated Murder Maze and voicing a character in the audio drama episode Tiny Town in addition to playing the regular character of Allan Mortaine in the Night’s End meta-story. Connect with him on Instagram @davidfartinez

Jimmy Horrors was performed by James Barnett.

Allegra was performed by Rebecca Struzyna, who is the host of her show, The West London Witch.

Insta: @the_west_london_witch

This episode was edited and produced by James Barnett.

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And as always, stay horrific everyone.