Chat w/ Christopher Garetano & Eileen Stevens, Pi_Rationals “The Mask”

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Jared Ordis had the chance to chat with the voices behind Pi_Rational Podcasts Season 3’s “The Mask”: film maker, Christopher Garetano [Host of Strange World on Travel Channel & The Dark Files on History Channel] & voice actress, Eileen Stevens [Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ahh! My Goddess, & Astonishing X-Men] about the dystopian AI network controlled world of the audio drama “The Mask”, and discussion on Christopher’s show Strange World & Eileen’s voice acting career.[CHECKOUT PODCAST & GUESTS]PI_Rational Podcast []Pi_Rational Podcast – Season 3: “The Mask” EP.1 The Subject [] Christopher Garetano []Eileen Stevens [][FOLLOW US and BONUS CONTENT]Join our Patreon, for just $5/month you will get access to our after show “After the Podcast is Afraid” plus more bonus episodes & content, just visit Visit Our Website: eventhepodcastisafraid.comFollow us on Twitter @PodcastAfraid Follow us on Instagram @PodcastAfraid Part of the Crawlspace Media Network [MUSIC USED in this EPISODE] Music from“In Your Arms” by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY (