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Good Evening, Veirdos.

I vant to talk about vampires!! And vhat I vant I get, so come vith us into the night.  Continuing our SPOOKTACULAR October this week we are sitting down with return guest, fan favorite, the expert in all things hairy, scary and full of teeth– the amazing BILLY ROACH!! 

Billy is going to start us off by discussing the good old days when vampires were scary monsters who wanted nothing more than to hide in the shadows until they decided to rip out your throat.  

Then what the hell happened?!  When did these monstrous creatures become total sex icons?  When did LOVE get involved?  Lauren is going to walk us through that transition, what caused it, and where vampires in film went from there.

And then Ashley brings us a very special surprise at the end with a crossover of her other show ASK ME EVERYTHING!! And it’s all about those fanged creatures we adore.

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