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Join Daniel and Garrett as they talk in depth on a conspiracy theory that has made some shock waves recently. we are speaking of The Tartarian Mud Flood.

A Description of this theory as found on skeptoid.com:

It revolves around an alleged worldwide cataclysm believed by adherents to have taken place sometime in the 1800s, a disaster that wiped out a worldwide advanced civilization and allowed the nations as we know them today to rise up. The event was a “mud flood” in which several meters of mud washed in and buried the ground levels of houses and buildings everywhere. Those cities and towns that were partially buried constituted the worldwide advanced civilization called Tartaria, which had free wireless energy and was populated — at least in part — by giants. It was a civilization “reset”: out with the old, in with the new; and that “new” civilization is us.

This and so much more. Don’t miss this highly anticipated episode of Celestial Oddities PairOfNormal Guys Podcast.

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