The Night Club

Episode 51: Dunes Cantina Vol. 1: That Bad Touch

Welcome to Dunes Cantina, the dive bar hidden within the threads on the Joe Blow Horror Show Discord server. Mozy on in, tell the bartender you want a strong one and ignore all of the Jawa corpses. These are the unscripted, unplanned conversations we have on a regular basis and you can too. Find the Joe Blow Horror Show Discord and join us! We recorded this on May, Friday the 13th 2022 and it was a slobberknocker!

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Episode 50: Fear Boners

On this episode we formally introduce our special guest, Grindhouse Zombie, and perform a Midnight Ritual of Lamberto Bava’s Demons(1985)!

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Episode 49: Da Pas Bon

Its been way too long since we’ve had Trevor Jordan Blanchard, host of Fixi’s Playground, on the show. He joins us tonight to speak true his favorite horror films of 2021 and we help ourselves to a well deserved dessert with a healthy heaping of Kaiju Giallo!

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Episode 48: Evil Dies Tonight

This swapcast features The Night Club and the Joe Blow Horror Show counting down their Top 15 Horror Films of 2021.

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Episode 47: Meat For The Grinder

The Night Club has entered into Willy’s Wonderland(2021)! Joined by former cohost of the Terrordome podcast and radio host, Denan Jones, we claw and gnaw our way through an octet of satanic animatronic cannibals! Join Us!

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Episode 46: The Boogie Down

Come catch Aguileraphilia, get privy to all our latest kinks and get ready to boogie down with Travis, Ricky and returning guest Poltergeist OD as we dive into the 1988 cult classic horror sequel Phantasm 2! It slaps bangs on bald heads, BOOOOY!!!!

Discover the music of Poltergeist OD….

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Episode 45: Holiday Nog Slobbin’

Its party time! Join the officially crowned Three Kings: Travis, Ricky & Bostuna as they perform a Midnight Ritual of Dan O’Bannon’s The Return of The Living Dead!

Joe Blow Horror Show:

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Episode 44: A Revolving Snatch

A brief history of….

The Night Club:

Fixi’s Playground:

Nick Szostakiwskyj:

Jerik Thibodeaux of Golgothan:


Talking With Shadows:

Poltergeist OD:

Joe Blow Horror Show:

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Episode 43: Undead Crusties

The dead live! They eat the flesh of the living! On this episode we discuss zombies with Bostuna, creator of the Joe Blow Horror Show.


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Episode 42: Halloween Havoc II: Gas Station Beer

For our second annual Halloween Havoc special join us and beloved favorite special guest Jerik Thibodeaux for some fun spooky shenanigans, a healthy dose of Ricky’s Rippin Riffs and we perform a Midnight Ritual of Dario Argento’s classic 1977 supernatural giallo horror film: Suspiria!

This is the first single from Golgothan’s upcoming album: LEECH
Coming out February 4th, 2022 on Lacerated Enemy records!
Pre-orders up now!

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