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Episode 5- The Devil went down to Junee

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Episode 19. Fast frights May and June

do you have a spooky story? Send it to  Research from…

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Episode 18. Mirror mirror on the wall part 4.

Media provided by special guests from The Podcast from the Crypt Devin and Stef helped tell this intriguing tale this week! dont forget to like and review! 

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episode 15. Birthday Bonanza.

media by send me a spooky story to go into the J Files crypt of spooky intriguing tales to be read on future episodes- find me on Facebook- the J experiment podcast page or groupinstagram- @thejexperimentpodcastthej…

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episode 14. Mirror mirror on the wall. Part 1.

 part 1 of the possession story- “mirror mirror on the wall.”     media provided by   

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Episode 12. Conjuring comparison

If you would like to watch this episode head over to YouTube and search for the J experiment podcastDon’t forget to like and subscribe. instagram @thejexperimentpodcastfacebook page- The J experiment podcast Thejexperimentpodcast.podbean.comYouTube-…

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