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The Conjuring – The real story

This week Freddie and Vanessa take a dive into the true story behind one of Hollywoods most terrifying movies.

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Welcome back!

Freddie and Vanessa return after a long break. Discussing all manner of things including healing and the Titanic tragedy.

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Bill Ramsey The Southend Werewolf

Happy new year!

We kicked off 2023 with the interesting story of the Southend werewolf, it even caught the attention of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

It’s a no from us, but listen to the evidence and make your own decision!

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Our favourite horror movies!

There’ll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago!

Christmas is the second best time of year to watch horror movies in my opinion. So we have given you a list of some of our favourites to give yourself a scare ov …

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The screaming skulls of England

A truly British phenomena, the strange and unsettling stories of the screaming skulls that sit in manor houses up and down England!

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Vanessa’s twilight encounter

Vanessa and Freddie are back!

This week Vanessa details her very frightening encounter with a mystery figure in the dead of night.

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The Mary Celeste

What happened aboard The Mary Celeste, a mystery that has had us scratching our heads for years. Was it aliens? Sea Creature? Maybe even pirates!

Hopefully we can shed some light on it.

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Do moments from the past spontaneously intrude on the present through seemly unexplained means?

Have a listen to some timeslip stories and make that decision for yourself!

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The exorcism of Anneliese Michel

The truth behind the story that inspired the film The exorcism of Emily Rose.

A case of genuine demonic possession or a misunderstanding of mental illness. Take a listen and decide for yourself!

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Spontaneous human combustion

We are back with a bang!

This week Freddie and Vanessa cover the fascinating topic of spontaneous human combustion. We take a look at the science but we ain’t buying it!

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