The Golden Ghouls

Episode 170 – Thank You for Being a Ghoul

Alyssa shares details from investigations at the Lizzie Borden House and the Salem Inn

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Episode 168 – Maybe It’s Human Hair

Textual Tension joins the Ghouls to discuss haunted dolls

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Episode 167 – Ghoul Talk, Volume 34

The Ghouls share stories submitted by Abby, Katie and Anthony

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Episode 166 – Perry’s Wrinkles

The Ghouls share stories from haunted locations in Mississippi

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Episode 165 – That Seems Illegal

Episode 164 – A Heavy Wagon

Episode 163 – Unedited, Unplugged

The Ghouls interview Cynthia Seer of True Hauntings & Scary Stories

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Episode 162 – The Official Alien

The Ghouls discuss true crime cases solved by psychics

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Episode 161 – Unwed Cyclops

The Ghouls share stories from haunted locations throughout Michigan

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