062 – Haunted Schools Tour

School may be out for the summer, Tourists, but your Tour Guides like to keep the nightmare going. We take you to two haunted schools, the Preston Castle at the Preston School of Industry in Ione, California, and the Albion State Normal School in…

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Phobia Mini Tour

Hey there, tourists! Join your tour guides as they face their fears to bring you information and experiences from their own personal phobias: thalassophobia and trypophobia. Take a walk down Phobia Lane and hear buried memories get dug up and learn…

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061 – Easter Killer Tour

*Trigger Warning for this tour*

In light of the recent tragic events that have rocked the nation over Easter weekend, this tour might be too difficult for some to handle. Please feel free to skip over this episode if the subject matter will…

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060 – The Conjure Chest and Bela Lugosi’s Mirror

We have another gander at our Cursed Objects that we store in Nopeville. Today, we have The Conjure Chest, which is a chest of drawers that had a curse placed upon it that plagued generations of a family, and Bela Lugosi’s alleged mirror, a mirror…

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059 – Tour to Mythical Mountain – Kelpie and Unicorn

We found the mythological creatures! Just outside of the city lies Mythical Mountain where all the mythological creatures and beasts are hidden. Today, we take you to visit the death omen Kelpie, and the elusive majestic Unicorn.

Find us on our…

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058 – Journey to the Underground Tour

Join us as we portal to the mysterious underground tunnels that lurk beneath Paris and Portland. Tour Guide Jen takes us to the Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, Oregon, where it is alleged that unsuspecting patrons of bars and brothels became victims of…

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057 – Yandere Lovers Lane Tour

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Tourists! Today, we explore Yandere Lovers Lane where we take you to visit the women who had a love so strong, they’d do anything for their lover, even resorting to violence and murder. In this tour, we talk about the…

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056 – The Winchester Bestiary Tour – Skinwalkers pt. 2 – Skinwalker Ranch

Welcome back to part 2 of our Skinwalker tour! This time, Tour Guide Christine takes the reigns and we travel via portal to Skinwalker Ranch, an area filled with mysterious happenings, missing cattle, and exotic crafts.

Check out the Dealing…

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055 – The Winchester Bestiary Tour – Skinwalkers pt.1

It’s time to dive back in to the Winchester Bestiary! This week, we see what the bestiary has to say about Skinwalkers and how the boys of Supernatural deal with them. Then, Tour Guide Jen dives into the Navajo legend of Skinwalkers through lore,…

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Campfire Stories 011

After conducting so many tours, your tour guides have noticed that the city of Nopeville has become…unruly. The residents are thirsty for tourists, and so, for your safety, we’re having a lovely little campfire just on the outskirts of the city. We…

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