Darkcast Halloween Sleepover

Happy Halloween, Tourists! The Darkcast Network is filled with amazing indie podcasts with a dark side. From dark science, dark history, crime, conspiracies, missing persons cases, and MORE! This Halloween, many of these podcasts, including yours…

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Campfire Stories 012

After conducting so many tours, your tour guides have noticed that the city of Nopeville has become…unruly. The residents are thirsty for tourists, and so, for your safety, we’re having a lovely little campfire just on the outskirts of the city. We…

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067 – Fact and Fiction: Keanu Reeves Tour

Hello, Tourists! Today, we’re going to talk about two movies where Keanu Reeves plays characters in stories that were based off of real life true crime events, and then we dive into a couple movies involving fictional true crime stories. First, we…

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066 – The Winchester Bestiary Tour – Rougarou

Welcome back to the Winchester Bestiary! Today, we head down south to the bayou of Louisiana where we take you to see the Rougarou of Cajun folklore and we also see how Sam and Dean handled one in Supernatural. Be wary of the bayou at night, Tourists,…

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065 – Paranormal Investigation of the Cosmopolitan Hotel Tour

Your Tour Guides had the opportunity to do a second paranormal investigation of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town San Diego. On this tour, we share our experiences with the very active spirit that was present in room 4/5. Check out our previous tour…

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Campfire Stories: Haunting Hour 001

Welcome to our Campfire Stories: Haunting Hour where we interview real life paranormal investigators as they tell us their experiences with the paranormal. We are joined by paranormal investigators Josh and Jamey from Coldspot Paranormal Research….

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064 – Frightening Film Fathers Tour

Happy belated Father’s Day, Tourists! Today, we return to the Nopeville Sinema in celebration of Father’s Day and take a look at some Frightening Film Fathers. We look through The Shining, The Loved Ones, The Stepfather, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre….

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Drunk Ghost Adventures

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This month we check out an episode of Ghost Adventures from season 2, way back with the baby baby ghost hunters! In the eighth…

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063: Royal Pains Tour – Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory

Get ready for this bloody tour, Tourists, because we take you back in time to visit a couple of the most gruesome royals in history, Vlad the Impaler, and Elizabeth Bathory.

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062 – Haunted Schools Tour

School may be out for the summer, Tourists, but your Tour Guides like to keep the nightmare going. We take you to two haunted schools, the Preston Castle at the Preston School of Industry in Ione, California, and the Albion State Normal School in…

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