Homespun Haints

Not Today, Naked Bald Demon!

Amanda and Trevin of Live Laugh Larceny share their haunted experiences of sleep paralysis, growing up in a haunted house, and having the same strange number follow them both around.

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It Just Wants to Play

Balloons are terrifying. We explore the dark recesses of the web to find common tropes among haunted balloon stories, and discuss why ghosts might be so attracted to balloons (especially red balloons). Then, Diana shares some of her personal, haunted…

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Haunted Balloons and Meatballs of Doom

Stories of balloons and ghosts and how they go together in the world of high strange paranormal. Also true first-hand stories of ghosts bothering people while they’re in bed. Featuring Alecia of Twisted and Uncorked as guest, and Katie of Lady Teal’s…

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A Beach Resort Of Terror

Ghosts of Capone’s victims haunt the halls of this nearly abandoned century-old building on the shores of Hollywood Beach just north of Miami in Florida. And we accidentally stumbled into it one day after having too much to drink.

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Horror in Massachusetts

Do you know the real story of Thanksgiving? What actually happened in the area that became the Massachusetts Bay Colony when the Pilgrims and Puritans arrived? We hope you’re hungry for some dark history, because our guest tells it like it really…

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The Ghosts of the Casablanca Inn in St. Augustine

Prohibition-era rumrunners, ghostly lanterns, and a dapper architect all haunt the 22-room Casablanca Inn on the Bay in St. Augustine, Florida.

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Everyone in Florida is Possessed

Anthony Pena has a very big problem on his hands: ghosts keep coming into his house, bothering his baby, and possessing his wife. How does he deal with it? With a little help from SanterĂ­a and some home grown sage.

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How To Stay Spooky After Halloween

Are you going through Halloween withdrawal? Do you need inspiration for how to infuse spooky vibes into your other seasons? We have suggestions to keep your dark soul nourished through the holiday season and beyond.

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The Spirits of Medieval Rome

Katy Sewall and Tiffany Parks of the Bittersweet Life Podcast relay tales about the ghosts of Beatrice Cenci and Olimpia Maidalchini, who still wander the bridges in the city of Rome, Italy. However, these podcast hosts have additional, personal ghost…

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The Dreams that Bind Us

Tony has a recurring nightmare that may be something evil trying to influence him from beyond. Becky used to have the exact same dream. What do you think these dreams mean, and can our dreams actually be influenced by supernatural forces?

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