Homespun Haints

Pukwudgies Like Their Squash Served Cold

What are Pukwudgies? Where can you find them? Where did they come from? And why do we keep talking about squash? We try to unravel the origins of this unique North American cryptid in this bonus episode.

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Pukwudgies, Goatman, and Shadow People

A woman continuously bumps into elementals, shadow people, and other paranormal entities. Luckily, she has learned how to shield herself against the worst of it.

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What Are Zener Cards?

Karl Zener tried for years to remove his name from the cards that would forever be associated with ESP testing. We go into the history of these strange cards and talk in-depth about the lengthy (and oft hilarious) research that went into psychical…

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A Tale of Two Jims: The Trick to Telepathy

In 1984, a man in Mojave learned how to predict the future, send telepathic signals, and create tulpas. Despite these magical occurences, death followed him everywhere he went. Warning: this episode contains scenes of suicide, domestic violence, and…

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The Weirder The Better

Shane is obsessed with cryptids, fae, and UFOs because he has encountered so many unexplainable phenomena in his lifetime. He shares several stories of ghosts and fairies. It’s up to you to decide what it is he saw on Christmas Eve outside of…

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Yule and the Wild Hunt

The origins of the 12 days of Christmas, reindeer on the rooftops, and those weird Yule log cakes all date back to Pagan European traditions where ghosts, gods, and magic roamed freely across the snow-covered land. Learn how these ancient…

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It’s the Most Scariest Time of the Year

A woman experiences ghosts and creepy paranormal activity during Christmas time. Could it be because of a particular haunted Christmas doll she puts out every year? Or is the explanation more complicated? Listen and decide for yourself.

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The Demon Defense

Paranormal defense in a court of law? It has been done, as showcased in the move The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. But the outcome of using the “Demon Defense” in real life doesn’t quite work out as Hollywood portrays.

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Something Wicked Comes To Westfield

Rebecca Everett and Jessica Remo of Father Wants Us Dead share stories of the John List murders, and how a legacy of fear has left an imprint on a small town in New Jersey.

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Looking Cute, Talking to the Dead

Becky catches a strange sound on her phone while she and Diana walk amongst the tombs of the Nashville City Cemetery.

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