Homespun Haints

Something’s telling you to leave

What is an apparition? Can it be something you see plainly with your eyes, or can it be something you know is there, and you can see in your mind, even if your eyes are deceiving you? If you saw a full-body ghostly apparition in your home, would you…

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When children go ghost hunting

Do you want to know if children can see ghosts? We—Becky and Diana—ask that question in this inaugural Episode 1. After all, we have our own memories to draw from. Plus, there’s that spooky thing that happened with Becky’s kid in that old bed and…

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Preview: Gather round the campfire and prepare to be spooked

We're Becky and Diana, and we're the hosts of Homespun Haints.We talk to people just like you who've come face to face with ghosts, spirits, haints, and other strange paranormal phenomena. All of it makes for a chilling good time.So…

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