Trailer 2 – Hello, Friends!

In this second trailer we meet Alastair Kurtz, the dearly departed father of Cole and Julie. Season 1 of Cryptic premieres October 30, 2019!  Cryptic is presented by Crooked Path Productions Find our more information at our ! Produced and…

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An Interview with Writer and Co-Creator, Adam Hoffman

We’ve got a special update for you today. Adam and I jumped on a phone call to talk about the show, Adam’s origin story in theatre, writing the creative process, and of course we share a Bigfoot story or two. Thanks for all of your support this far,…

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Trailer 1 – I Remember the Monsters

Meet Cole and Julie Kurtz, a brother-sister team that has a long history with the creepy, and unknown.  Cryptic is presented by Crooked Path Productions. Check out our Kickstarter () now until June 12, 2019!  Produced and Directed by…

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