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Crazy Paranormal Theories about Paranormal Theories! Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans Continues and NASA’s Alien Invite 

New Military Technology Causing Increased Paranormal Belief and Conspiratorial Thinking?

In this fine episode: We deep dive into all things propulsion, sonic, and boom related in the media, get shaky with earthquakes along fault lines, lift up Content Creators in the Paranormal Community, and counterclaim that paranormal beliefs are…

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Unpopular Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures Paranormal Thought, and Quartz Crystals, Nature’s Magic?

In this fine episode: We deep dive into the enigma of paranormal TV that is Ghost Adventures, share some unpopular Paranormal Opinions, get a little woo-woo on Quartz Crystal Energy, then wrap it up with the new Kickstarter from Small Town…

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