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Cat Bee and the Marxist Mage

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“our motto must be: reform of consciousness not through dogmas, but by analysing the mystical consciousness that is unintelligible to itself, whether it manifests itself in a religious or a political form.”

It might sound like a Terence McKenna quote, but it is Karl Marx in a letter to Arnold Ruge in 1843 as the two clarified the aims of their journal German-French Annals, where Marx first published the essays that formed his conception of historical materialism, political emancipation and religion in a secular State, and his critique of Hegel.

Cat Bee talks about this alchemical wizard that turned whole linen into coats, and the material/historical connections between Marxism & mysticism, passages from Marx that are especially esoterically valuable, how & why capitalism purposefully targeted magically operant people, and we even find a way to talk about David Bowie and the sefirot of Kabbalah.

Cat Bee taught me a few things this episode and I hope she taught you something too. Follow her on Twitter @RealTankieHours

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