CASE UPDATE: The Boy in the Box & Christmas Tree Jane Doe [IDENTIFIED!]

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Welcome to our first ever Case Update episode. In July of 2021, we covered the case of “The Boy in the Box” aka “America’s Unknown Child”. The identity of the boy who was abused, murdered, and dumped in a trash pile on the side of the road in Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in February of 1957 has finally been identified. In December of 2021, we also brought you the case of “Christmas Tree Jane Doe” aka “The Christmas Tree Lady” aka “Annandale Jane Doe”. In that story, the unidentified body of an elderly woman was found suffocated to death in the children’s section of a cemetery in Annandale, Virginia in 1996. She, too, has finally been identified. In this short case update episode, we briefly discuss the most recent news articles and press conferences for each case. We would love to hear from our listeners to see what their thoughts are on these two groundbreaking identifications solved through Forensic Genealogy.



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Relevant Links mentioned in the episode:
– Boy in the Box Press Conference Livestream:
– Christmas Tree Lady news article:


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