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What is the occult? It’s a word you hear and see often in alternative media but it is never fully explained. You hear it thrown around with words like Illuminati and Free Masonry but it seems like there is no solid understanding. The easy definition of The occult is “Knowledge of the hidden” or for some, knowledge of the paranormal but it is the last part part, hidden or the paranormal that is debated and discussed by all. What exactly is the hidden? Why do certain symbols seem to transcend time like the winged sun disk. Which is a circle with two wings dating back to ancient Egypt and now used by multiple global corporations as their logo. Or the Pentagram, the five pointed star which that dates back thousands of years and is now used by many corporations and governments? Is there a connections between these symbols and how these companies got their power and control? Or is it that these companies just know we are somehow drawn to these ancient symbols and it is all just marketing strategy? Whatever it is, there seems to be to many coincidences and connections not to question.

This week The Theorists talk with Greg Carlwood from The Higher Side Chats Podcast.

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