Case File 224-The Jardim Alvorada Affair

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Welcome Theorites and Theorettes, It’s the top of the hour and you’re just in time for ATT after-dark. On this very special Valentine’s Day case file, we take a look at an erotic extraterrestrial encounter out of Brazil. Is there anything more romantic than entities from beyond the stars beaming you up for a steamy probing session? But it seems these sensual star travelers have plans beyond just a sub-orbital one-night stand. In a bit of telepathic pillow talk, it seems we hear, once again, about the idea of alien-human hybrids. Are these vivacious visitors here to reproduce and replace the human race or are we simply a roadside stop for super stellar sex tourists? This case file, join the Theorists on a hunt for love at the speed of light in…The Jardim Alvorada Affair

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